Curious case of benji bangus

What would you do if you give birth to a fish? Will you not eat fish for the rest of your life? More importantly, what would you feel if you were the impotent husband in this story?

Adolf Alix Jr. returns to form with this powerful film, Isda, an entry to the Cinemalaya 2011 Director's Showcase Category. The film explores the lengths that a mother would do for the sake of her child, even if it were a fish.

The short story, a Palanca winner, is absurd but well-conceived. Screenwriter Jerry Gracio makes us love the characters and feel their individual struggles. Director Adolf Alix Jr is one capable filmmaker by making use of silence as a potent armament to make the audience think. The movie also offers glimpses of many social ills.

Rather than discuss the plot at length, I would instead end this article by affirming that I never really liked alcohol. It gets in your head and makes you vulnerable in so many ways. Alcohol may give a reprieve from your worries, but its effects are temporal.

An internal conflict will not resolve itself unless it is confronted. A person can never be whole if something inside is missing. I say amen to that.