Paper trading 101

I haven't written anything related to technical analysis for more than two years now. However, this week, I saw a segment on BBC that featured virtual stock trading online, and then I tried it out, just for kicks I suppose.

Then an idea just popped in my brain, and I said, 'hey I can blog this'.

Back then, I had been reporting earnings and losses daily on my dead blog as Manila Trader. Reading through the entries is nostalgia, or probably this is just a crazy infection of rhinovirus that's been spreading in medical school for days already.

I hope this motivates me to do well in the website's July contest. Yes friends, it's also a legit contest. A virtual account starts with $25,000. Whoever makes the most money at the end of the month wins the contest. I started my July account quite late, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

I'd probably post my progress on weekends, that way I won't unnecessarily embarass myself.

Here's hoping to a weekend in green.