Sixth TED translation

TED2008, Filmed Feb 2008; Posted Oct 2008
Translated into Filipino (Pilipino) by Schubert Malbas
Reviewed by Polimar Balatbat

Modern communication during this decade has changed dramatically. I remember MIRC, an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for Microsoft Windows which was popular in early 2000 and was the mainstay chat system in internet cafes in Davao. I think this utility made the typing shortcuts and smileys popular, things like LOL, BRB, and =), but I never got to use it.

When I attended university in 2004, Friendster was the national craze, and there also was Multiply. After I received my bachelors degree, the advent of Plurk, Facebook, and Twitter kicked in.

Social networks have progressed so much in such a short period of time. I always believe that they will evolve into something greater in the future.

In this TED Talk, John G. Rives tells us of a modern, if a bit confusing, love story. Rives is a poet, author, and narrator on television shows, and speaks English, American Sign Language, Latin, Ancient Greek, and conversational French.