Through the looking-glass

My take on Mideo M. Cruz's Poleteismo Exhibit is simple: you are what you see.

What I see is this: the juxtaposition of Filipino religion, politics, and capitalism is ridiculous and is most unfortunate. Pundido na ang mga bumbilya: our contemporary society needs greater enlightenment. Primarily, therefore, the exhibit served its purpose: it makes the audience think. Mr Cruz has every artistic right under human laws, and he should be therefore acquitted.

It can be argued on the other hand that Mr Cruz committed sacrilege under Catholic laws, a sin that transcends ephemeral human authority. Remember however that we on earth were not given by Christ the ultimate authority to make judgments on others. We should not condemn Mr Cruz. We can leave Mr Cruz's eternal fate in the hands of God. Poor guy.

In the end, you are what you see.