Eighth TED translation

The XO Laptop of the One Laptop for Child program was Yves Behar's brainchild. The laptop was released not so long ago, during the time when netbooks and tablets were just wishful thinking, and the best counter-product that Asus can bring to the market was their first EEE PCs.

Forrest North is Behar's work partner, and both are two of the world's smartest engineers, I think. Together, they've designed an electric version of the gas-guzzling motorcycle, and ushers an era of futuristic vehicles that actually care for the environment.

Yves Behar and Forrest North's supercharged motorcycle design
TED2009; Filmed Feb 2009; Posted May 2009
Translated into Tagalog by Kenneth Andres
Reviewed by Schubert Malbas