A week without pc

Hooray! Today, I get my online life back.

I got my laptop back from the repair shop. It had sticky keys before. So they have to disconnect the built-in keyboard and I have to plug in a USB keyboard. Ergo, it's not a portable netbook anymore. It's a glorified desktop. Pfft.

I also had the CPU of my desktop PC checked because it was not booting up. Inside the casing, the accumulated cobwebs proved months and weeks of utter neglect, and I felt sorry for it as if it were a leper rejected by his kin. The repair guy was able to troubleshoot the problem by simply restarting the CMOS, and I was a happy kid again.

So this week, I realized a few things: one, that an addiction (particularly, spending excess hours on twitter, facebook, and blogging) can be conquered, even if the subject is hesitant to quit at first. Yes, I'm talking to you, alcoholics and smokers.

Second, that while Google provides a nifty and rapid way of learning, it will not be helpful with my patient encounters later on. I have not seen, and will probably never see, a doctor seeing his patient at the wards and having to check with Google first about the correct diagnosis and proper medications.

In the end, it's all about perspective.