thirty-sixth TED translation

Kevin Allocca: Why videos go viral
TEDYouth, filmed november 2011, posted february 2012
Translated into Filipino by Courtney Ngo
Reviewed by Schubert Malbas

thirty-fifth TED translation

A TED speaker's worst nightmare
TED2012, filmed march 2012, posted march 2012
Translated into Filipino by Schubert Malbas
Reviewed by Aries Eroles

thirty-fourth TED translation

Marco Tempest: A magical tale (with augmented reality)
TED2012, filmed march 2012, posted march 2012
Translated into Filipino by Schubert Malbas
Reviewed by Aries Eroles

thirty-third TED translation

Jennifer Pahlka: Coding a better government
TED2012, filmed february 2012, posted march 2012
Translated into Filipino by Aries Eroles
Reviewed by Schubert Malbas

the tagalog titanic

The RMS Titanic. image from Wikipedia

the dialogue in the excerpt below is blatantly copied from Jessica Zafra's Twisted 4.
please don't sue me.

Nanay ni Rose: Kailangan pakasalan mo siyah! Wala na tayong kayamanan! Nilustay na ng iyong amah! Ano'ng gusto mo, maging burdadora?!?
Pero labag sa kagustuhan ni Rose ang mapangasawa si Cal, ang kanyang milyonaryong nobyo.
Isang gabi, sinubukan niyang tumalon mula sa barko.
Dumating si Jack.

Rose: Wag kang lalapit! Tatalon akoh! Gusto ko nang mamataaay!

Swabe naman itong si Jack. Nahulog agad ang loob ni Rose sa kanya.

Nanay ni Rose: Nasisiraan ka na ba ng bait? Wala ka na bang kahihiyan?

Sinubukan ni Rose na makipaghiwalay kay Jack.

Rose: Hindi na tayo maaaring magkita!
Jack: Alam kong hindi ako karapat-dapat sa iyo. Ako ay lupa at ikaw ay langit...
Rose: Hindi na ako malaya! (hikbi)
Jack: Ngunit... datapwat... subalit...

Bigla namang pumasok si Cal at sinampal ito.

Cal: Isa kang talipandas!

Classic. Read the film review here.

blackouts kill productivity

I was supposed to do some work on the computer, but then the electric cooperative decided that we'll have the rolling blackout. So, instead, I volunteered to help with kitchen work for dinner - we were doing my favorite mongo. Then, since the lights were still out after that, & there's no use going outside since it's dimmed as well, I had no choice but to take a nap. Then the lights snapped back after an hour or so.

My sister said that it's been like this for months now, 1 blackout lasting for 2-3 hours on average, minimum 1 minute, maximum 24 hours. I'm only here in Davao for Christmas and summer vacation, but it never changes - I always have had my weekly share of blackout experiences. Contrast that to Metro Manila, where a 30-minute blackout per month is outrageous.

image from KM Space, creative commons license

You see, blackouts kill the intention to become productive. It is really unfair to us who live here in Mindanao if you ask us to pay for a "little more" if, until now, we're not getting what we pay for.

Imagine if malls and supermarkets were to constantly tap on gasoline or diesel generators on an almost daily basis. Imagine when small and medium enterprises suffer, like birthing clinics that have pregnant patients about to deliver, then the lights suddenly go out, and the baby decides to come out.

Look, Mr. Aquino & Mr. Almendras, if you don't even give us an assurance that we'll get a steady supply of electricity, then please understand that it'll be hard for us from Mindanao to accept your brash accusations that what we have is "cheap electricity" and that we have to pay more for electricity.

Yes, it's cheap, but it is the kind of service that has always been "cheap".I might be agreeable to privatization, but if the blackouts in our area, and replicate that a thousand times all over Mindanao, does not change even when private companies take over, then Houston we've got a problem here.

Never mind your capitalistic intentions or political slogan, Misters Aquino & Almendras. With all due respect sir, we don't give a damn. Just give us our rightful privilege to dependable electric utility that we've been unfairly paying dutifully for many years now.

image from Filippo Minelli, creative commons license

We are not worthy of this indignation. Thank you very much.

tedxmakati 2012

TEDxMakati 2012 was a dose of positivity in a long day riddled with negative coincidences with Friday the 13th, including North Korea's failure to launch and America voting for the worst on Idol and trashing the best; apparently the human race possesses many twisted values!

It was a welcome respite to attend TEDxMakati which was held within Global City in Taguig - which is a bit of an oddity. I forgot to ask the organizers why there's an apparent disconnect. I reckon they might have initially thought of doing it within Makati, took out the TEDx license bearing the city's name, but found Fort Bonifacio to be more convenient.

Still, the organizers - Jam Cipres, Nadine Bautista, Zyrus Deri, Takuya Oka, Cyra Capparos - pulled it off very nicely. In fact, they have built a pretty good momentum at the end of the event by getting a lot of suggestions after tinkering into the idea of holding a second, bolder TEDxMakati.

So anyway, TEDxMakati 2012 was primarily an estimated 2-hour viewing of the archived TEDxChange 2012 which was recently done in Berlin, with four key issues laid on the table:
  • rural sanitation practices in Cambodia
  • renewable energy in Germany
  • African women empowerment, and
  • birth control availability in SubSaharan Africa and South Asia
Not surprisingly, you can find parallel examples in our own country:
  • daily rotating power shortages in many areas in Mindanao
  • open dumping of human waste on the banks of Pasig River, Manila Bay, etc.
  • 11 Filipinas die in childbirth each day with 4 in 10 births lacking medical attention, and
  • staunch opposition of some religious sects against artificial contraceptive measures being legislated

Seeing effective solutions done in other countries should lead us to think that it's really not impossible to overcome our current struggles as a developing nation. In fact, all these four ideas dubbed "worth sharing" are also great ideas "worth doing" in our country.

More importantly, I think, today's Filipino youth are constantly challenging the old ways, and they're actually doing something to change the status quo.For example, the TEDxMakati organizers have effectively put the TEDxChange agenda forward, while the audience shared their experiences in current advocacies such as Filipino Freethinkers, MTV Exit, and environmental issues. Here's hoping that our generation can live up to these expectations.

By the way, you can check out TEDxMakati's website, Twitter, and Facebook, join in the conversation at random, and chat with the organizers if you want to suggest something for the next TEDxMakati, e..g, suggest someone inspiring as TEDx speaker. I can attest that they're really friendly and warm, and your suggestions for the next staging of TEDxMakati are most welcome.

korean rocket track to deviate

In one of NorthKoreaTech's more recent posts, the korean satellite launch is predicted by one trajectory expert to deviate from the expected flight path that the country has submitted to United Nations agencies weeks ago.
Map by trajectory specialist Ted Molczan, 2011.
This author added yellow arrows to represent downward shifts in both stages of rocket debris.

This, after a Russian news channel, Russia Today, reported the piece of information with an image of the trajectory on a computer screen. However, satellite watchers now believe that the new finding may just be a misinterpretation of the map shown on Russia Today.

Though we will certainly have no info until the event has already happened, news sources say that the Philippines has roughly 3 hours to react if and when the launch pattern has deviated from what was expected. It only means that if the Google map above is true, then the second stage of debris is dangerously close to land, and might even overshoot and land on the Bicol region.

lu4 core subjects ranked

Our class did a little survey amongst ourselves, after having surmounted what is indubitably the toughest struggle we've had so far in medical school, learning unit 4 (LU4) as we call it in the UP College of Medicine, and came up with a ranking of our core subjects by their level of difficulty.

View larger photo of LU4 subjects survey

Every batch that has gone through LU4 will tell the same story. Excretory aka Renal and Therapeutics aka Pharmacology are the toughest of the bunch, although now we have added proof that Art of Medicine is the easiest. Sabi nga sa survey questionnaire namin, pass the course with eyes closed, literally and figuratively.

Actually, i made this graphic because i wanted to revisit Tableau Public and then compare it with a graphic to be made with a piece of R code. I'll post the R version much later, when I'm done with house chores and volunteer work.

Tableau is so much easy to work with, that you don't even need to plan about what kind of graph to use! Arguably, though, R would have more representations available; you just need to find the appropriate code on the internet, which is both tiresome and challenging.

korean rocket to fall near luzon

The North Korean satellite launch scares me like hell, largely because my April 15 flight falls exactly within the rocket launch period, and the technical advisory makes me queasy.

Three civilian air transport routes in the Philippine territory has been tagged as dangerous during the days between April 12 to 16, from 7 am to 12 noon Philippine Standard Time. These dates are the window period that North Korea is expected to launch the Kwangmyongsong-3 satellite inside the Unha-3 rocket.

The Kwangmyongsong-3 satellite goes into a polar orbit, travelling the globe passing over multiple points, while the Unha-3 rocket will be shed off and fall back to Earth as debris in two stages, first near the western coast of South Korea and second to the east of Luzon Island in the Philippines, according to documents submitted by the country to the International Maritime Organization.

View Larger Map.
Google Map made by
Red boxes indicate fall area. Green lines indicate routes advised for caution.

The air routes affected are  A590, which goes from Jomalig Island, Quezon, Philippines to just south of Tokyo, Japan; A582, which goes from Jomalig to Japan’s Kyushu island via Miyako island; and R597, which originates from Calabarzon and connects to both A590 and A582 routes. Pilots are advised to “exercise caution navigating airways A582, R597 and A590 that traverse a satellite launching falling area.”

Obviously, North Korea has already notified the International Civil Aviation Organization, the International Maritime Organization and the International Telecommunication Union about its rocket launch plans. The exact “Notice to Airmen” (NOTAM) message is outlined below:

B0372/12 NOTAMN
Q) RPHI/QRALW/IV/NBO/W /000/999/1716N12415E134
A) RPHI B) 1204112200 C) 1204160300
D) DAILY 2200-0300
19 24 32N 123 54 26E
19 23 08N 124 45 13E
15 08 19N 124 46 15E
15 09 35N 123 45 27E
CREATED: 21 Mar 2012 09:56:00

All told, I hope everyone doing air travel on those dates are safe. More than anything, I'm just wishing that NoKor isn't thinking about starting a military war.

REFERENCES: North Korea Tech

8-bit google maps now online

Google upped the gimmick this year!

Geek love going out to all the developers of the 8-bit Google Maps. Plus, the music theme is utterly nostalgic.

From the Google YouTube site:
Trial Version:

Google Maps is now available for 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment Systems (NES). Availability in Google Store is TBD but you can try it on your browser by going to and clicking "Quest" in the upper right hand corner of the map.

Apparently a lot of Google users took the bait, hook, line, and sinker, knowingly or otherwise. But we don't mind.