korean rocket track to deviate

In one of NorthKoreaTech's more recent posts, the korean satellite launch is predicted by one trajectory expert to deviate from the expected flight path that the country has submitted to United Nations agencies weeks ago.
Map by trajectory specialist Ted Molczan, 2011.
This author added yellow arrows to represent downward shifts in both stages of rocket debris.

This, after a Russian news channel, Russia Today, reported the piece of information with an image of the trajectory on a computer screen. However, satellite watchers now believe that the new finding may just be a misinterpretation of the map shown on Russia Today.

Though we will certainly have no info until the event has already happened, news sources say that the Philippines has roughly 3 hours to react if and when the launch pattern has deviated from what was expected. It only means that if the Google map above is true, then the second stage of debris is dangerously close to land, and might even overshoot and land on the Bicol region.