lu4 core subjects ranked

Our class did a little survey amongst ourselves, after having surmounted what is indubitably the toughest struggle we've had so far in medical school, learning unit 4 (LU4) as we call it in the UP College of Medicine, and came up with a ranking of our core subjects by their level of difficulty.

View larger photo of LU4 subjects survey

Every batch that has gone through LU4 will tell the same story. Excretory aka Renal and Therapeutics aka Pharmacology are the toughest of the bunch, although now we have added proof that Art of Medicine is the easiest. Sabi nga sa survey questionnaire namin, pass the course with eyes closed, literally and figuratively.

Actually, i made this graphic because i wanted to revisit Tableau Public and then compare it with a graphic to be made with a piece of R code. I'll post the R version much later, when I'm done with house chores and volunteer work.

Tableau is so much easy to work with, that you don't even need to plan about what kind of graph to use! Arguably, though, R would have more representations available; you just need to find the appropriate code on the internet, which is both tiresome and challenging.