kids and airplanes

this was the highlight of my day: seeing an aerial spray plane briefly zooming past the field of view.
from the looks of it, the aircraft resembled the Ag Cat model.

it's basically for fertilizing and cropdusting (spraying nematicide and fungicide).
near our house sprawls acres upon acres of banana plantation, in this part of our small-sized city.

my sister and I had a random stroll at the awesome park near our house this morning.
then the plane came unannounced, and we missed taking a picture of it.
so we waited for it to come back, finger on the trigger, for almost one hour after that.

the anticipation was building, because we can hear its roaring engines somewhere near, but we couldn't see it. the frustration was palpable, and the 8 o'clock heat has become more and more unbearable these days, ain't it?

then it came back! click click click. it flew past in a matter of seconds, but it was a joy to behold.
we were easily overwhelmed with delight, no hint of our weariness whatsoever.

yes, deep inside, we're still kids like that.