la melodía de mayo

top five:

and i am telling you - jennifer holliday & jessica sanchez

*catapulted jessica sanchez to a level higher than all other american idol artists can only dream of

starships - alex newell and vocal adrenaline of glee

*hands down, alex newell could have, and should have, won the glee project

fantastic baby - big bang

*personally rediscovered big bang only now; 거짓말 or lies from 2007 still one of their best songs

payphone - maroon 5

*introduced last april on the voice, but only had an official live-action music video this may

back in time - pitbull

*embraced every ridiculous and fun thing about mib3


whistle - flo rida

*some kids actually get the subliminal message

gotta be you - one direction

*released in UK late 2011, but why only now in ph, i have no idea

dance again - jennifer lopez

*uh-oh, jlo is becoming more and more n-s-f-c, sayang lang dahil okay naman ang song na'to