season 11 much like season 4

american idol season four

from wikimedia commons
from wikimedia commons
do you still remember how the finale between ms. carrie underwood and mr. bo bice panned out?

going into the finale, everybody thought that carrie was the underdog, while bo was deemed frontrunner? then carrie won, and everybody said hurray for the underdog? (sources: wiki, google)

guess we were wrong. history tells us that she was never in the bottom three ever. bo was in the bottom two once. ms. vonzell solomon, season 4's frontrunner, ended up in third place.

american idol season eleven

guess again. we are seeing the same ridiculousness with season 11, with the genders in reverse.
phillip has never been in bottom three ever. jessica was in the bottom once.
mr. joshua ledet, season 11's ordained frontrunner, ended up in third place.

fox seems to tell people that mr. phillips is an underdog onscreen, but may well in fact had the most number of votes this season.

meanwhile, a lot of people seem to think that ms. sanchez already has the title in the bag, but for all we know she may have been struggling with the votes each week.

learn from history people. will american idol season 11 look like american idol season 4? we will never know, until the 24th of may.

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update: Yes Phillip did win, no surprises there (see previous post: Twitter predicts idol winner).