TEDGlobal 2012

Wow, TED just gave me a free pass for the webcast of TEDGlobal 2012 to be streamed live from Edinburgh! Thank you TED! Pure awesomeness.

TEDGlobal's theme for this year is Radical Openness, and I bet that there should be at least a couple of radical talks worth my time, which will be spent away from the medical texts that I have study for a written examination next week which is on infectious and systemic diseases. That means, it'd better be good.

the city of edinburgh. from wikipedia
Among the roster of speakers, I am keen on what Mr. Malte Spitz has got to say about data science. I am quite frustrated with data visualization techniques, and I've got to see his talk firsthand! Off the program teaser, it says that he has been tracking 5-months worth of mobile phone usage, twitter feeds, and blog entries tagged with geolocational vectors which he then made into a longitudinal infographic. It sounds really exciting, right?! I know...

The last time I had a free webcast from the awesome TED team was for the entire TED2012: Full Spectrum conference at Long Beach, California.

the city of long beach. from wikipedia
I was less busy during that time, since the Long Beach event was neatly sandwiched during the modules for ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology, which almost all students would say are the most benign subjects, in our school at least.

I can still remember a few stand-out speeches from the sessions. Indubitably the most memorable monologues from TED2012, at least in my mind, were done by the following people:

and this has got to be the funniest intermission to have been inserted in a very serious conference like TED:

So there! If anyone wants to watch this live, and you don't want to pay $$$, you can go to my house! Okay?