ten-thousandth at one

My sincerest thanks to a certain Google searcher from the town of Evanston, Illinois, where the main campus of the globally-ranked Northwestern University is located, who landed on this lowly weblog as my ten-thousandth visitor.

downtown Evanston, from wikipedia

Thanks to you, my lowly  med school chronicle has recently reached the five-digit audience mark, just four days shy from the first anniversary since my first blogpost on this domain. What a spectacular year it has been! 34% of visitors come from the Philippines, 29% from the United States, and 37% from the rest of the world. 85% of all viewers use Windows OS.

That certain awesome person used Chrome on a Mac while browsing through Google Images and presumably found the comic below interesting enough. He or she then presumably clicked the thumbnail, which lead to the July 2011 blog archive that contained the xkcd comic pertaining to this particularly difficult patient.

from xkcd.com

In that case, I should really thank xkcd for allowing the syndication.

Pati na rin sa lahat ng napapadpad sa aking website nang walang malamang dahilan. Kahit hindi ko mawari ang inyong pakay kung bakit kayo napadaan dito, hindi naman ako magsasawang magpapasalamat sa inyong lahat!