tedxdiliman 2012

the stage is set for tedxdiliman

urban graffiti defines a strange facet of the city.
photo by benjamin dela pena

the future of human rights according to atty ted te

former senator leticia ramos-shahani describes the differences in distance
of scarborough & spratlys from the philippines and from china

director jose javier reyes postulates that in man's struggle
to be at one with the world, he ends up being just one 

casa de san miguel stirs up the atmosphere with some
gut-wrenching music on strings

rick rocamora displays his knack for visual storytelling

tony oposa reminds us that we have only one earth

jaemark tordecilla explains how the azkals team easily got 1 million pesos
from manny v pangilinan

this was ermita near roxas boulevard during a foregone era

and these stuff are my take-home souvenirs from tedxdiliman 2012 (plushies not included):

tedxdiliman shirt

the cover reminds me of a psychedelic mc escher painting

my nametag is without a last name

forty-third TED translation

Ipinamalas ni Pattie Maes ang "Sixth Sense," ang teknolohiyang sinusuot na babago sa lahat
TED2009, filmed february 2009, postedmarch 2009
Translated into Filipino by Polimar Balatbat
Reviewed by Schubert Malbas

forty-second TED translation

Ang ninuno ng wika, ni Murray Gell-Mann
TED2007, filmed march 2007, postedjune 2008
Translated into Tagalog by Chris S
Reviewed by Schubert Malbas

seryoso na 'to

my spanish is getting rusty again, after 1 month of disuse. ugh

astrobiology & mims

the search for extraterrestrial life & life-saving drugs sit next to each other

i have to thank my pharma elective for teaching me to look at mims to list down the costs of each drug. it was my first time to appreciate such a neat book. looking back, the publishers of mims actually turned me down when i applied for a job at their company as mims researcher/writer.

as for my astrobiology book, it was another rescue sale i did at booksale for only 20 pesos; i consider that as rescuing because they'd rather stay with me and be read, rather than collect fungus on a shelf while no one bothers to purchase them. i've never got past chapter 1 because of the pharma reports last week; we'll see if my schedule this week, together with a bit of clinical work from ortho-rheuma-rehab, can accomodate some geek lovin'.