astrobiology & mims

the search for extraterrestrial life & life-saving drugs sit next to each other

i have to thank my pharma elective for teaching me to look at mims to list down the costs of each drug. it was my first time to appreciate such a neat book. looking back, the publishers of mims actually turned me down when i applied for a job at their company as mims researcher/writer.

as for my astrobiology book, it was another rescue sale i did at booksale for only 20 pesos; i consider that as rescuing because they'd rather stay with me and be read, rather than collect fungus on a shelf while no one bothers to purchase them. i've never got past chapter 1 because of the pharma reports last week; we'll see if my schedule this week, together with a bit of clinical work from ortho-rheuma-rehab, can accomodate some geek lovin'.