best android games of 2012

Here are my personal favorites and what I think are the best Android titles (games category) that were released in 2012.

I would definitely recommend Jetpack Joyride, Clay Jam, Hill Climb Racing, and Zombie Dash in a heartbeat.

Jetpack Joyride 96
Zombie Dash 96
Clay Jam 94
Hill Climb Racing 94
Triple Town 92
Rope Escape 90
Sector Strike 88
iSlash 86
Subway Surfers 86
Music Hero 84
Strikefleet Omega 82
Kick the Boss 2 80
Amazing Alex 75-79
Angry Birds Rio 75-79
Angry Birds Seasons 75-79
Angry Birds Space 75-79
Angry Birds Star Wars 75-79
Bad Piggies 75-79
Chasing Yellow 75-79
Cut the Rope Free 75-79
Icon Pop Quiz 75-79
Radiant Defense 75-79
Samurai vs Zombies 75-79
Swing Shot 75-79
Whale Trail Free 75-79
100 Doors 2013 70-74
Androidify 70-74
Blosics Free 70-74
Flow Free 70-74
Flow Free: Bridges 70-74
GeoQuiz 70-74
GeoQuiz by BrianCafe 70-74
Logo Quiz Philippines 70-74
Math Maniac 70-74
Tetris 70-74
Death Moto 65-69
Drag Racing  65-69
Dragon Fly! Free 65-69
Falling Fred 65-69
Fruit Ninja Free 65-69
Guns N Glory WW2 65-69
Raging Thunder 65-69
Slice It! 65-69
Temple Run 65-69
3D Bowling 60-64
Basketball Mania 60-64
Bubble Blast 2 60-64
Bubble Blast Halloween 60-64
Bubble Worlds 60-64
Burger 60-64
Chess Free 60-64
Jewels Star 60-64
Logo Quiz 60-64
Marble Blast 3 60-64
Paper Toss 60-64
Pinball Pro 60-64
Pool Master Pro 60-64
Random Mahjong 60-64
Unblock Me Free 60-64
Arel Wars2 55-59
Blast Monkeys 55-59
Empire Defense 55-59
Fruit Shoot 55-59
Ninjump 55-59
Rocket Island 55-59
Tank Hero 55-59

Note that most, if not all, of the games listed above have already received excellent user ratings of at least 4 stars out of 5 on Google's Play Store. Personally, I find Google's user scoring system to be a pretty reliable benchmark for Android apps.

In here, I prefer to rank them in terms of replay value, which is really dependent on  the challenges and missions that will make you return daily so as to finish the game.

For other players, it could be about the interesting story arc, solid graphics, or the unobtrusive sound that spells the difference.

Some games got lower marks because they constantly need an internet connection, such as ArelWars2.

Other games were also impossibly difficult to finish if you don't prefer purchasing premium items and in-game goods using real money, such as those offered by Samurai vs. Zombies and Radiant Defense. These apps had very stunning graphics and wonderful gameplay, but I was frustated with the constant string of losses due to lack of 'freemium weapons'.

Here, of course, are screenshots of installed games last year.

 Since then, I've added quite a few good ones this 2013, most notably a Japanese title called Battle Cats. I think it's going to be a huge hit this year.

Also worth the look is the Android version of Temple Run 2, which already has an Apple version just last week. We'll see how this year unfolds for amateur & professional Android developers.