plans for 2013

my horoscope for 2013 tells me this:

Your commitments to others will deepen and you will come to realize how much you truly value your loved ones... Saturn will show you which ones are worth hanging onto and which ones you have outgrown. 

Change comes hard if ever in the life of a steadfast and loyal bull, but alas this is your year to let go, let go, let go... You are about to learn powerful lessons in how resourceful and resilient you can be when you finally relinquish your need to possess and control.

This is the year to use that restless energy and take a risk to merge your passion and your work... You're never one without a backup plan, or two. It's not about doing something reckless but it is about doing something deliciously daring.

I'm already anticipating a major overhaul coming my way this year. What with the thought of clerkship looming and a-secret-plan-I-dare-not-say keeping me awake at night, I'm terribly excited for all these things.

I'm quite saddened that I have to let go some of my commitments outside medical school from the past year. I realized after going through my short rotations in Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Surgery this year that balancing workloads was already difficult during my ICC year - aka junior clerkship. The real clerkship this year will demand extra time, as this will be the real deal, and I have to prioritize that in due time.

Nonetheless I've really learned a lot from my experiences, particularly from the amazing people I've met in 2012 who've dedicated their time and effort to the various causes we strive for: ms. paula, mr. gohary, and all my GV lingua teammates; mr. zyrus, ms. cipres, and all my tedx friends; dr. adamic, dr. caffo, mr. cairo, dr. pagano, dr. cook, all the teaching staff who taught me useful things through the internet, and the fb friends who shared their answers to difficult homeworks.

Anyway, I'm not planning on leaving hurriedly; I'll take each step carefully. I'm thinking of resourceful ways to pass on the responsibilities to those with capable hands, in due time.

Most importantly, of course, I will eagerly anticipate for that day when that secret-plan-I-dare-not-say will come into fruition.

Cheers to 2013!