predictions for 2013

i'm no professional, but i'm doing this just for kicks, so that come new year's day in 2014, i can look back and laugh at all this silliness.

1. manny pacquiao will win his congressional seat this coming elections; however he will lose in his next boxing match yet again, and thus quit boxing for good.

2. ms philippines will finally win a title in any of the 4 titles: ms universe, ms world, ms international, or ms earth. successes in the first two will be sweeter since there has been significant drought in those two pageants.

3. some medical school will get 100% in the licensure exam this year; I dare not say which school.

4. tv5 will gain significant audience share that it will almost overtake the #2 spot in megamanila currently held by abscbn.

5. a girl will win american idol season 12 (after a string of guys in the past few seasons).

6. Amour (from Austria) will win best foreign language film in the Oscars this year.

7. by the end-of-the-year, PSEi will have reached 6000 or more. there is significant resistance at 6500, support at 5500. overall trend is bullish.

8. given the cyclical nature of forex, USDPHP exchange rate will not breach the $1:P40 barrier, but will have strong support at $1:P47.

9. nadal will have a strong comeback, my good ol' fed will have a lackluster year, and murray will win wimbledon (after what happened last year).

10. by then there will be more female senators in the 16th Congress than there is now (only 3)

11. star trek will hopefully gross higher than man of steel and iron man 3; an animated movie will be in boxofficemojo's annual top 5

12. there will be at least one storm that will pass through the mindanao landmass again, with maximum winds reaching at least tropical storm status, but hopefully it will be less devastating and the townsfolk will be more prepared by then

13. Ateneo will not win UAAP basketball this year, and fans will mourn

14. UP will remain the highest ranking university in the Philippines according to QS and/or THE, but DLSU and Ateneo will be a few notches up in the Top 500 compared to last year's ranking

15. sports dominance in the SEA Games in Myanmar this year will be a toss-up between Thailand and Vietnam; the Philippines will finish lower this time around at a dismal 7th

i will probably write a second set of predictions after this :))