tutorials in python v R

Here's the BioPython Tutorial and Cookbook --> BioPython
It's made by Jeff Chang and colleagues, and it seems to be a very useful reference for bioinformatics.

Actually, I have now found the Documentation website for Python 2.6 --> Python Docs
It probably has almost all basic functions defined in there. Of course, there's always StackOverflow...

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For future reference, I'm keeping this Python tutorial URL --> Tutorials Point

Obviously I'm new to this. I'm keeping tabs on useful websites for Python learning.
I am not aware yet of a function that easily calls on the documentation from the Python GUI.
This makes my learning very arduous, a "trial-and-error" kind of thing.

In contrast, R has "?" and "??" functions, which will search the appropriate documentation for that queried function. For example, I can type ?spplot, which will look up the term 'spplot' from the local library, i.e., files in the computer, or ??spplot, which will look up the term from the internet, i.e., from the CRAN website. #obviouslyimafan

If you happen to know how to search for Python functions more easily, do give me a heads up!
Currently, looking for the right function to write is a P.I.A. I'm not complaining though; I thank God that for some reason I'm having fun with this particular challenge.