ambulatory care

my ambulatory care rotation was relatively benign: no psychiatric patients this week (although i have this weird feeling that i will enjoy probing the endlessness of a patient's troubled psyche) and no endorsed cases. the ambu clinic takes care of patients that have been informally rejected from admission to the emergency room (at times due to inadequate space) but nonetheless required urgent medical attention.

last saturday i was deluged with pediatric patients; i had two very young sisters who both had bronchial asthma, but the intern i was with said that she was also entertaining the possibility of pulmonary tuberculosis, following lymphocytosis in the complete blood count, and the fact that both parents were coughing the whole week. thus she advised the parents to consult the family medicine clinic as well.

i also had one gynecologic case of vaginal discharge and polyposis, and a lot of geriatric procedures in between. the breadth of family medicine is indeed wide, and most, if not all, patients are willing to share info about their private lives for the sake of completing the medical notes. once they open up, it feels like half of the job is done, and the rest of the consult becomes a breeze.