community health center

the community health center near Singalong, Malate, Manila,  a two-storey mixed wood-concrete edifice with ostensibly quaint features, may reek of malady and gradual decay, but at the same time, it embodies the rich history and strong sense of community inspite of circumstances. in fact, the health center houses a large mural that seems rather expensive and would rather belong in a national museum; however even the philippine general hospital has a lot of expensive paintings in its lobby so i guess this phenomenon is not new.

the health center is just one of the many community health offices in the country reflecting the dilapidated health system today, something that is in really bad shape and in need of constant resuscitation. i guess the dose of monetary adrenaline injected into the system was just not enough, or probably, the selfless hands that were in charge of the system got tired eventually. indeed it is difficult to expect much when you have multiple organ failure.