cine europa

last week i queued up at the EDSA Shangrila mall for free tickets for cine europa.

the first film i was able to watch was 'Almanya - Welcome to Germany', a tale about an overseas Turkish worker in Germany who seeks to return to his roots together with his Deutschified family. the first half was a veritable, laudable comedy, but the second melodramatic half was kind of meh.

the second movie i saw was 'O Xenagos', a tale about a young adult working as a tour guide amidst the orderly chaos of contemporary Athens. Set against the backdrop of the Greek crisis and a rowdy group of erasmus architecture students, the character questions his maturity, sexuality, and lifegoals; quite a ride, i should say.

the film fest runs from september 5 to 15 at the shang before going to the provinces. i might be able to catch another round of free tickets this week.