modern-day alienism

an alienist, in 19th century medicine, is an asylum doctor, one who specializes in finding cures for the illnesses of the mind. in the film stonehearst asylum, we see the adorable jim sturgess suit up as a would-be alienist-in-training from oxford, only to find out that the asylum he visited is overrun by the patients themselves. at first glance, we see how preposterous the situation has become, but flashbacks to the cruelties of the real asylum doctors make us wonder: who is more insane?

a more modern take on mental illness is the film the babadook. it presents a mother & son story confronted with the coming-to-life of the titular book character. at first the son presents with paranoid delusions & visual hallucinations of the babadook, and then the mother begins to develop auditory hallucinations as well -ba ba ba dook dook dook. while the son takes the pill regularly at the urging of his psychiatrist, the doctor misses out on seeing the illness of the mother as well. her crazies begin to take its toll, and the babadook begins to take over their lives.

both films are definitely weird, but it is this wonderful weirdness that endears a psychiatrist to this specialty. it is easy to see how a person suffers with a physical illness, but an illness of the mind is one that takes forever to treat, a suffering that is greater than any one can imagine.

perhaps it's not in my genes to become an alienist - i have the attention span of a cat - but i certainly would want more individuals with mental illness and their families to stand up against the stigma and actively seek help.

admittedly the facilities of the national center of mental health is farthest from ideal, and here i am asking for your help to sign up for the petition to lobby for the passage of the national mental health act. the website for the online petition is at bendakt, en goedendag! (thank you, and good day).

gilead's fall-off

a few days before christmas, stock prices of gilead sciences (NASDAQ: $GILD) tumbled on news that competitor pharma company abbvie (NYSE: $ABBV) has inked exclusive deals with express scripts holdings (NASDAQ: $ESRX) on hepatitis C regimens to be claimed by scripts's network of patients. the movement was drastic & bleeding red.

the lessons to be learned from gilead's stunning drop from $110 to $86 in just two days can be summarized into two: have a definite price target, and know your psychologic support. in this case, gilead's immediate support came at around $85, as this was the trough of the two previous cycles this year.

another lesson i learned from this movement was, even if dangerous, averaging down can still be profitable. but i was just lucky maybe. there was a 50% chance that the downward momentum will break the $85 barrier, but i reckon a movement of $10 (from 95 down to 85) down in just two hours is crazy and big institutional investors would not let that happen. thus, i bought a lot of it at around $86, and it surely went up from there.

as for gilead's future, i'm pretty sure that the competitor deal will hardly make a dent on gilead's sales, since firstly the deal only concerns scripts's market in the US, and not with europe or elsewhere, and there is a clause in the deal that patients can still use gilead's hepC drug if the competitor's won't work on a case-to-case basis. so obviously it was an over-reaction, and honestly $85 for this pharma giant might be a good bargain; but i'll leave it to you to make your own informed guesses.

digital disaster responders

even when you're away from the scene of a calamity, there are many ways to help. one can provide basic goods such as canned goods and clothes to relief repacking centers, or one can give his or her time in doing manual work in these centers. if that's still not possible, e.g., you're stuck inside a hospital in manila like me, on round-the-clock duty while strong typhoon winds bear down on several provinces down south, technology can bring you closer to relief operations than you might think possible.

enter, a growing community of disaster reponders in the digital age. tapped by the UN humanitarian office for help during typhoon haiyan (pagasa: yolanda), it once again opened its doors to netizens for typhoon hagupit (pagasa: ruby).

the platform of is pretty simple: digital volunteers determine if the tweet / image is relevant to humanitarian response. classification is verified by getting at least 5 people to classify each tweet or image. the output is then relayed to humanitarian organizations thru the united nations office for the coordination of human affairs (OCHA).

this year's typhoon project aims to replicate the usefulness of last year's haiyan efforts. already the ongoing project has generated encouraging numbers, but it still needs more volunteers to segregate the tweets and images.

so, if you want to become a digital volunteer, please help us in this project. visit for more information.

basic rules of trading

here are some ground rules in stocks trading based on my 4-5 years experience of watching and playing with market prices. while i think the following are prudent strategies in terms of investing, other traders might want to be more aggressive and allow riskier moves; in the long term, however, wouldn't you want a more stable investment portfolio?

1. ON SPECULATIVE TRADING: never enter a trade on the premise of premarket or after-hours valuation. aside from having wider splits, these prices are exagerrated and are not written in stone - exactly why they're just mere speculations outside trading hours. it's best if you do transactions during trading hours.

2. ON DIVERSIFICATION: always split eggs in different baskets. better if you have mini eggs than large ones, so as to split the risks. there will always be that one or two positions that will lose, so it'll be better if your losses are only a small percentage of your overall portfolio. trust me.

3. PLAN YOUR TRADE: enter a trade with an EXIT price in mind; that way you won't unjustifiably greedy on one hand or hopelessly wishing on the other.

4. CHECK THE FUNDAMENTALS: never buy stocks of a company on the verge of bankruptcy. sure it may trade in a range but it will be difficult to get out of the rut.

5. MARKET NOISE: buy the rumor; sell the news. it seems that no matter it's something positive or negative, people will more often sell. it's like the news is an afterthought, a bygone opportunity. perhaps you should research a few days prior which stocks are due to move in the next few days, be it due to a selloff, the release of its earnings report, a buyout, or whatever.

6. ON COST AVERAGING: it will be difficult, but not impossible, to minimize losses via simple cost averaging. by experience, 25% of the time i do make a profit, however 75% of the time i actually lose money, maybe because my hasty temperament gets the better of me. maybe there's that: if you're an impatient trader, you might not like waiting for too long for a stock to regain its previous price, and you'll be stuck at the bottom for a long time - a week or two perhaps?.. or maybe even a month and still not back to original prices. thus it's best to stay away from cost averaging losing positions.

so there; surely in the next few months i'll be adding more input regarding prudent investing. for now, keep safe!

vaginas for a living

the department of obgyn of pgh is never perfect, but it tries to be.

this is a collective observation by my colleagues from 2 months of rotating in the department:
* the opd clinic is a hotspot for robbery, and the thieves are never caught. many have lost their ipads and mobile devices. it makes us wonder who really is the culprit - might even be an inside job, and how come the security guards are not doing anything significant about it
* the ob admitting section is cramped and tiny, and it does not have its own supplies. interns still buy their own stash - crystalloid fluids, cannulas, macrosets, foley catheters, blood containers, syringes - from bambang for use on patients; where did the 2 billion pgh budget for 2014 go? and where will the 5.1 billion budget for 2015 be spent?
* the labor, delivery, and recovery rooms serve as a humid holdover hotel for pregnant and postpartum women, and when it's filled way over capacity (think 300% the ideal), it's a nasty sight - and a nasty smell as well, the scent of poop, blood, urine, vomitus, and vaginal discharge combined.
* a manong's work of conducting pregnant patients to the ultrasound/perinatology section becomes an intern's responsibility and at times you get to push 2-3 preggies atop the transporter gurney from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor - it gets worse: at times it's already 11 in the evening and you haven't even eaten lunch (have experienced this misery at least 3x this year)

but for all its flaws, the department manages to sell itself well:
* daily summary rounds mean your bound to get called to endorse patients, and you better study your cases well - an effective impetus for the stubborn and the case of lazies
* consultants are scary, and that's a good thing!, 'cause there's no other way to survive preop conferences, gyne onco rounds, and tropho rounds other than by studying
* postduty days are relatively light (you get halfday off most of the time) - that means more time to study!
* the rhythm of duty every 3 days is a blessing to your body clock, as compared to other departments where my nonexistent sleeping pattern is much more messed up.
* some residents get terrible mood swings, probably having menses, and they're occasionally spreading bad vibes, but i can name several whom i am eternally thankful for always being nice to us even when the situation gets ugly.

some of the memorable events i had during ob are:
* when chax & i had to call an acls code for 25mins for god-knows-what kind of cancer in a very young patient at the ward;
* a young primi at the ward who did not know if it's her bag of waters that broke, or if it was just her urine - she seemingly cannot control her bladder;
* a 45-year old young lola squeezing my hand to tell that her apo delivered via CS died after 2 days due to multiple organ failure at the NICU;
* our 12-year old primigravid who had an abortion - i don't know what to make of it.

for 2 months, i've looked at vaginas day in and day out, at the opd, obas, lrdr, and a few times at the ward, so by now i'm pretty oblivious to the sight. i'm also elated to have bid goodbye to the daily toxicity of ob, but here i am, formally saying my earnest thank you to my nice residents and fellows in ob. thank YOU!

medical carpentry

the thing about orthopedics is that it deals with disease and disability in the most mechanical manner. there's nothing wrong about it, really, except that only a few gifted ones are capable of reciting anatomy like the back of their hand. so it becomes a specialty that you'd love dearly or regard with indifference.

in my case, i always remember jesus when we use carpentry tools at the OR. jesus was nailed multiple times to the cross, skin oozed with blood, and all His energy drained. in comparison, an ortho patient with a fracture undergoes multiple pinning, which is done by trial & error to see if gets reduced properly, while he loses a liter or more of blood. he has become indifferent to pain, just like how Jesus responded, thanks to modern-day anesthesia.

i will probably not enter orthopedics as a preferred specialty because the time & dedication required from every orthopedic surgeon is crazy - i'd rather give the slot to those willing to take the job wholeheartedly. but i'm glad that there are people who would still serve and pay for the poor patients in pgh who can't even buy OR needs, or pay the OR fee moreso, because apparently, the end referral for fracture cases is either pgh or poc. but the dole out system in pgh by its doctors to its poor patients - a majority of its clientele - deserves a whole new post, as it is an inherent anomaly that will not disappear overnight, akin to a tradition that the oldtimers would want the new generation to experience.

but for tonight, i'll resort to brushing up on my carpentry knowledge to be able to help other people fix themselves.

death and dying

dying, from my perspective, is commonplace. i've grown accustomed to seeing their death look before giving way to His plans. perhaps a few times my heart leaps a second, me wishing that the patient should not have gone that route, but we cannot do anything but surrender to Him.

i say that because once a patient undergoes cardiopulmonary rescucitation, basic life support, or advanced cardiac life support (whichever setting is present), in my experience there is a 50% chance that he or she will die for good. and then those 50% who have been revived will likely have a poor quality of life, in the near-term at least.

evidence-based medicine tells the same story, although much grimmer. as the minutes progress from the point of cardiac arrest, there is about some 30% likelihood that the patient will have survived.

i want people to know this fact because the process itself is difficult for both patients and healthcare providers. just imagine your chest getting squeezed at more than 100x per minute, for 20-30 minutes or so - that's painful. this is probably one reason why we ask their families if they want to put a DNR. if the patient has a poor prognosis of living off inotrope and mechanical ventilatory support in the future, the patient will have a poor quality of life.

although, if i were the patient, maybe i would have wanted my family to continue the inotropes and mech vent for life support - except maybe for the CPR because, really, that must be so painful.

some would confide that people who die suddenly, from a traumatic accident such as an explosion or a road traffic incident, are lucky to have a peaceful death. i concur.

and if i were to die in a slow manner, such as by cancer, i would mull over these options early, so that my family won't have to decide these things for me.

happy days ahead

i started trading stocks again since 2 weeks ago, after 5 long years of no activity, and basically, i am still a novice trader. old habits die hard; i ran into the same ills as i did way back, which were the following:
1. putting eggs in one basket
2. waiting for the universe to realign itself (after entering a losing position)
3. not checking the price before entering an order (!)

on a happy note i have arguably more winning trades than before, simply because i have NOT invested as much time now - i have obgyne patients to worry about.

yesterday i jumped right into a crazy ride with salix pharmaceuticals (nasdaq:slxp), which is basically doing R&D for GI drugs. it entered premarket down 36%, on the back of missed Q3 estimates and rising inventory levels, which probably meant lower sales volume than previously thought.

for the uninitiated, the thrill of day trading is with these kind of volatility - you'll never know what happens next. it's like being caught in the shower naked; with these types of volatility, everyone's caught offguard and are unsure of where to put their positions.

you can enter in either a buy or short position and it doesn't matter, as long as you keep watch and set your goal exit prices even before entering. many battles have been won and lost in stocks like these, but it is a battle well fought.

project 195

failing the board exam is every medical student's nightmare. while there is a certain yabang for schools (UP, UST, CIM) who have had stellar performances in past interations of the boards, the threat of becoming that nagging statistic - the occasional casualty - is very real for any med student.

i am starting this study project primarily for myself, as almost every student has a tendency to procastinate, especially when the board exam is many months away.

while i may not be able to study every day, since i have daily clinical work at pgh and i go 24 to 30+ hours every 3 days, i still aim to keep track of the progress i make for the next 195 days, and to post monthly stats.

please pray for all of us who are about to take the board exams. we promise to do our end of the bargain as well.

inglorious basterds

sa tinuod lang, dako kaayo ang expectation sa katawhan sa mga government hospital - magaexpect nga libre ang tambal, libre ang surgery. on the other hand, daghan gihapon og reklamo - daghan rag pasyente sa Fabella, igang sa PGH, hugaw sa OM, ibaligya ang PCMC, iprivatize ang Orthopedic.

wala mo na left turn? in truth, walay sufficient subsidy ang government sa mga hospital, almost always kulang. kon naa ray tinuod nga subsidy sa public hospital, hagbay nang aircon ang tibuok pgh or nalimpyohan ang among salog og napolihan ang daot nga elevators.

karon kinsay maipit kung kamatyunon namo? ang mga doctor, ang mga nurse, ang mga estudyante, magshell out og personal money aron lang mahimo ang laboratory test, mahatagan ang scheduled nga gamot, aron mapalit ang gamit sa surgery, gikan sa among sweldo, or sa case sa mga estudyante, sa among allowance. in fact, delayed na gani ang sweldo, mahurot pa jud dayon tungod kay halos tanang pasyente sa charity walay kwarta. kon wala jud mi care, sa tinuod lang, dugay nang nangamatay ang mga pasyente.

kung mapungot mo sa public hospital, blame the government if you really have to. dont shoot the messenger. chances are, we are just the pawns of a poorly-built machinery with no real hope of improving in the near future. maypag adto nalang mo sa st lukes or makati med, tambali inyong pag langi-langi. commensurate sa inyong kwarta ang hotel accomodation og room service sa private hospital.

tawo pod mi, kapoy pod intawon magserbisyo sa dili makaappreciate. kung wa moy laing ingnon, ayaw nalang pagcomment uy. gina-poison ra nimo ang image sa public hospital nga among ginapaningkamutan 24/7 nga mag-improve in our own lifetime. kthanksbye.

neurofinance in pubmed

in my previous life, i was a day trader, and i enjoyed it. during those days, reading the economist will lead you to topics such as neurofinance and neuroeconomics, which makes you question a few things like, 'do endogenous steroids that are present since birth affect financial decisions?' [link], and so on.

that leads me to present day, where articles on neurofinance and neuroeconomics are not discussed in medical school, but are just as equally complex as cancers or lupus. how come? where do most research outputs on neurofinance end up anyway?

meanwhile, i have been tinkering with pubmed e-utilities for a week now, to see if i can extract data from the freely available ncbi database; read: data mining for free.

so here, then, is a summary of pubmed articles on neurofinance and neuroeconomics published inclusive of 2003 to present, done in R.

a quick glance tells us that only a few research have been published regarding this topic, and it's also fairly recent field. the earliest researches were done in 2003.

as you see, frontiers in neuroscience got the lion's share of the most recent articles, but neuroendocrinology letters published the most articles on neurofinance and neuroeconomics prior to 2012. interestingly, biological psychiatry released all its related articles on 2012, but has not produced any related research since.

as always, there are limitations to this particular dataset. while most academics will consider pubmed as a reliable source of data, we know that its indexing process is not complete. nonetheless, pubmed is still very useful for data mining health-related researches because it's freely available, unlike scopus or web of science, and it is easily replicable.

and since it's like i hit goldmine with this one, i'm tempted to do data mining on lupus, or probably vaccines, while i'm still on vacation; aah, such are the pleasures of curiosity and free time.

pokedex complete

google maps hit goldmine on april fools day by having joined forces with nintendo and consequently reviving interest in the pokemon genre, in a decade where most casual games are played on smartphones rather than on traditional consoles.

if you haven't yet, you can complete your very own pokedex on your google maps app using the list of places below, which was aggregated by netizens in a wikia page.

The Regular Pokedex

Googleplex; Kalalau Beach, Kauai, Hawaii; Trou aux Cerfs Volcano, Mauritius
Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco; Sunpujo Park, Shizuoka, Japan
Alberta Legislature Building, Edmonton; Muir Woods (South of Chikorita); Parque Nacional dos Campos Amazónicos, Brazil
Sydney Observatory, Australia; Hiroshima City Hall, Japan; Door to Hell, Turkmenistan; Cerro Azul, Galapagos; Talat Yot, Bangkok, Khao San Rd, Thailand; Charles Darwin Research Station
Mount Shasta; Galapagos Islands, Fernandina Island volcano; London Fire Brigade Museum
Mount Yasur ; Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park; Heard Island & McDonalds Island; White Island; Trou aux Cerfs Volcano, Mauritius; Ojos del Salado, Copiapo, Chile
Venice, Italy; Googleplex; Keyakizaka, Roppongi Hills, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Windermere, Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos (zoom 200m); Off Shore from Arthur Byrne Reserve, Sydney
Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy; Isla Santa Cruz (in the water), Galapagos; Hyde Park London; Pagan Island; Christchurch NZ, Pagan Island; Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe; The Serpentine, London, UK
Great Blue Hole, Belize; Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos (East Coast zoom 200m) ; Meijo Park, Nagoya; east of Sentosa Island (in the water), Singapore
Toronto (CN Tower); Laguardia Airport, NYC; King Street Wharf, Sydney; King Fahad's Fountain, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport; Isla Santa Cruz (zoom in); southern end of Lambton Quay, Wellington NZ; Rehavia park, Jerusalem, Israel; Minsk, Belarus; London City Airport; Thimphu, Bhutan
Tokyo Tower; CERN; Kings College Chapel, Cambridge; Taito Station, Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan; Munich, Germany, Psiloritis Crete
CERN, Switzerland; Oxford, Jackson Square New Orleans; Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea; WETA Cave,Google Dublin, Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea.
Tokyo Station, Tokyo; Wynyard Station, Sydney; Detroit, Michigan; Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA; (The Rock Shop, Fayetteville, NC, USA (Just West);
Camp Randall Stadium, Madison, WI ; Sydney Observatory; Christmas Island; Maebashi Municipal Fourth Nursery, Gunma, Japan
Seattle Aquarium; USP, Sao Paulo;
Roswell, NM; Nelson Atkins Museum, Kansas City, MO; Trades Hall Inn, Sydney; Mystery Spot, St. Ignace, MI; Schönnbrun Palace, Vienna
Euphrat Museum of Art; Tel Aviv beach, Israel ; De Anza College Swimming Pool; Sao Paulo (Parque do Ibirapuera)
Lake Mendota, WI; Nile, Cairo, Egypt (near Road Al Farag Bridge, go north where the Nile forks), Sports Depot Nagano, Nagano, Japan
Wyandotte & Independence near Googleplex; Yankee Stadium, NYC; Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala; Metrodome, Minnepolis, MN; Toyosu, Tokyo
Man Lake (west of Toyomi Co-Op Hospital), Naha, Okinawa, Japan; Atlantis, The Palm Jumeira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Lake Titicaca, Puno, Peru; Lake Itasca, MN
St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow; CERN; McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, NV; Nagasaki, Japan; Vivian St & Cuba St, Wellington, New Zealand; National Taiwan Museum, Taipei; Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA; Bristo Square, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Epsom Rd, Zetland, Sydney; The Crucible, West Oakland, CA; Miyasaki Prefectural Office, Miyasaki, Japan; Mt. Tongariro, NZ
Iidabashi Station in Tokyo; Charles Darwin Research Station; Taipei 101; redwood circle, Palo Alto, CA; Puerto Ayora (Calle No. 10/Calle No. 61); Copacabana; Fargo, ND
Vatican City ; Duke University; Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA; Brasília; Pampas Coloradas, Puerto Ayora; Galapagos, Ecuador, Hamilton NZ;Rome; Charles Darwin Research Station
Loch Ness, United Kingdom; Expedia, Seattle; Strelecky Island, Czech Republic; Cocos Island, Costa Rica; Googleplex ; La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain; Teide, Santa Cruz de Tenerife; Nakamaru Elementary School, Setagaya, Tokyo; Budapest, Hungary; Detroit Metropolitan Airport, MI; Maputo, Mozambique; Khozaima Maqbara, Sana'a, Yemen
Bedwell Bayfront Park ; Luang Prabang, Laos; Muir Woods, Mill Valley, CA
CERN, Switzerland; Charles Darwin Research Station; Hermann Park (Houston, TX); Sevilla, Spain
White House; Charles Darwin Research Station; Koyaike Park, Hyogo, Japan
Sakurajima, Kagoshima, Japan (zoom in and go slightly east of Mt Ontake), Pagan Island; Hell, Michigan; Karangetang, Siau Island, NE island chain off Sulawesi; Mount Pico, Portugal
East side of Mt. Fuji; Monaco , Santa Clara University,Kagoshima Monaco
Krakatoa (Pulau Sertung), San Jose State University (northeast by Coyote Creek)
Hoover Dam, NV, USA; Monterey Bay Aquarium; Jamestown, Saint Helena; Caspian Sea
Stanford University, Lake Lagunita, Miyasaki, Japan (Miyasaki City Office~in the water); Iquitos, Peru, in the Amazon River; Lake Baikal, Russia
The sea near Naminoue Golf; North of Pulu Blan, near Cocos Island ; Amazon River Estuary, North of Macapa, Directly West of Baia do Vieira Grande; west of Naha Beach Side Hotel, Okinawa, Japan; northeast of Ometepe Island, Lake Nicaragua
John F. Kennedy International Airport; Casablanca, Morocco; Sydney Airport; Selectron Ltd, Isla Gran Bermuda, Devonshire, Bermudes ; Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan; Cafe des Deux Moulin, Montmarte, Paris, France ; Stedman, NC, USA; Libreville International Airport, Gabon; Maseru, Lesotho
Kitano Tenman-gu, Kyoto, Japan; CERN Bldg 868, Switzerland ; Kuwait University; The Peak Galleria, Hong Kong; Hongcheng Park, Guangzhou, China
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona SPAIN; Disney World, FL; Tenshi Daigaku, Sapporo, Japan; Tallinn, Estonia
CERN, Switzerland ; Microsoft Building 18, Redmond, WA; DNA Lounge, San Francisco ; Grand Central Station, New York; near Oriental TV Tower, Shanghai; Leiden University, The Netherlands; Tbilisi, Georgia
Crater Lake ; Panama Canal; East of Skinkai Park, Okinawa
Tottori Sakyu (Tottori Sand Dunes); Easter Island, Cork Ireland, Casa del Lago Lodging House; Uluru, Australia; Grand Canyon, USA; Vulcan Point Island, Taal Volcano Crater Lake, Batangas, Philippines; Pristina, Kosovo; Chisinau, Moldova; Sofia, Bulgaria; Astana, Kazakhstan; Izmir, Turkey
CERN, Switzerland; Nagano Himawari Kindergarten; Cambridge, UK; Zurich, Switzerland
near Sydney Lyric Theatre, Sydney Australia; Manaus, Brazil; near City God Pavilion?, Hangzhou, China; Zanzibar, Tanzania
Area 51; Route du Mandement (Satigny, Taboret), CERN; Argentina; North of Vulcan Cerro Azul, Galapagos
Area 51; Switzerland-France border near CERN; Cessnock, Glasgow, United Kingdom; Tokyo University Hospital
Germantown, Ann Arbor, MI ; Sydney Central Station; Downtown Birmingham, AL ; Jakarta, Indonesia; near Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Xuhui Campus), China
Clark Field, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX ; Pampas Coloradas, Puerto Ayora, Galapagos, Ecuador
Bois des Mouilles, Switzerland; Taiwan Cultural Center; Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; Av Padre Julio Herrera, Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands; Sarueonshi Park, Koto, Tokyo, Japan ; West of Barrio El Eden (not confirmed), North of Barrio El Eden; Diammaguen, Dakar, Senegal ; Charles Darwin Research Station
Tottori Sakyu (Sand Dunes), Japan; Stonehenge, United Kingdom; Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro; Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt; The Alamo, San Antonio, TX; Alcedo Volcano, Galapagos; Manneken Pis, Belgium; Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo; Hill St, Leichhardt, Sydney; Braga Municipal Stadium, Braga, Portugal; Southwest edge of Santa Cruz, Galapagos; Tallinn, Estonia; Tirana, Albania; Mt. Elbrus, Russia; Accra, Ghana; Defense Military Complex, Sana'a, Yemen; Aleppo, Syria
Columbus Museum of Art, Shortland Street, Auckland; Kobe, Japan; Tae Chio Cemetery, Bangkok; Arc de Triomphe, Paris
Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Australia; Zenpukujigawa Ryokuchi Park, Suginami; Naha City Office, Okinawa, Japan; Ohi Racecourse, Shinagawa, Japan; Mount McKinley, Alaska; Santa Cruz Hwy near Villa Laguna Hotel Manta, Galapagos; Genovesa Island, Galapagos; east of El Garrapatero, Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos; Twin Peaks, San Francisco, CA; Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa; southeast of Potok Vrapcak, Zagreb, Croatia; Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal; Pompei, Italy; Montreal; Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, CA; Aconcagua, Mendoza Province, Argentina; Mbabane, Swaziland; Krestovsky Island, St. Petersburg, Russia
Gas Works Park, Seattle, Washington; Bunkyo, Tokyo; Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos North/Centre of island, just north of the highway, Maiorca
Archibald Fountain Sydney; Tokyo, Japan
Cocos Island, Costa Rica; Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos; Near CERN
Mt. Vesuvius, Italy; (southeast of) Mayon Volcano National Park, Albay, Philippines ; Mt. Kilauea  (Hawaiian Volcano); Ol Doinyo Lengai; Freetown, Sierra Leone
Volcan de Pacaya, Guatemala; Salvador, Bahia, Brazil; Santorini, Greece; Mt St. Helens, Washington; Location of Tunguska Event, Russia
Mt. Etna, Italy; Tentokuji, Tokyo; Centralia, PA
Rozelle Bay, Sydney; Imperial Palace, Chiyoda, Japan; Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Little Manly Cove, Manly Austraila; Victoria St, Wellington NZ; River bewtween Shanhu Park and Shanhuba, Chongqing, China
Alexandra Canal, Sydney Australia; Alexandria Industrial Estate, near CERN
Puerto Ayora, Ecuador (Northeast of Pokemon Lab building); Henry W. Seale Park, Palo Alto, CA; Charles Darwin Research Station; Tonerikoen, Tokyo, Japan
Lavender Bay, Sydney; north of Northern Ireland Science Park, Belfast, UK; Imperial Palace (Southwest of Three Palace Sanctuaries), Chiyoda, Tokyo
Newington College, Sydney; Newark Airport, Newark, NJ ; Seattle (ATM Express, Pine & Melrose); Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany; Vancouver Airport ; Punta Arenas, Chile; Barceloneta, Puerto Rico; Nazca Lines, Peru
Eiffel Tower, Paris; 1804 N Shoreline Boulevard, Mountain View, CA 94043; Area 51, Lincoln County, NV; CERN
Magic Kingdom, Orlando, FL; Southernmost Point, Key West, FL; Paris Opera, Paris, France; Astrolabe Park, Sydney; Daxuexi Alley, Xi'an, China; Al-Khorah Park, Basra, Iraq
Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Versailles, France; 730 Guerrero St, San Francisco, USA ; Downtown Winnipeg, MB, Canada (435 Cumberland Av); Bexley, Australia; Trou aux Cerfs Volcano, Mauritius; Forks, WA
Fort Mason, San Francisco; east of Erickson Athletic Complex, Providence, RI; National Food Authority, Manila, Philippines; Brisbane St, Chifley, Sydney; Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna, Austria; Trou aux Cerfs Volcano, Mauritius; N. Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL
PNC Pavilion, OH, USA; McMurdo Station, Antartica; CERN; Redfern Station, Sydney; Technion – Israel Institute of Technology., Eureka, CA, USA; Nouakchott, Mauritania
USAFA Solar Power Plant, Colorado Springs, CO, USA ; Tokyo Skytree; Near CERN, Switzerland; Bedford St, Sydney; Tokyo University Hospital
The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen, Denmark; Imperial Palace, Chiyoda, Tokyo; Rose Bay, New South Wales
Isla Tortuga, Galapagos Islands; Lake Merced, San Franciso , Bondi Beach, Sydney; Hamarikyuteien, Chuo, Tokyo; Elbe, Hamburg, Germany
Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, Spain; Cook County Jail, Chicago; George Street, Marrickville, Sydney; Trou aux Cerfs, Curepipe, Plaines Wilhems, Mauritius
Galapagos island, South Plaza island; Estes Park, CO; Heffron Park, Sydney; Teatro alla Scala, Milan, Italy; Antwerp, Belgium
FDR Park, Philadelphia, PA ; Asakusa Kannon Onsen, Japan; Rokuharamitsu-ji, Kyoto, Japan; Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney; southeast of Plaza Rodriguez Peña, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Shuri Castle, Naha, Okinawa; 15th St & 8th Ave, NYC; southeast of Google HQ ; San Cristóbal Island, Galapagos; National Museum of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh); Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City ; Meijo Park, Nagoya, Japan, Cardiff Bay, Wales; Shaolin Temple, Dengfeng, China; Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany; Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
Googleplex ;CERN; University of São Paulo; Petersham Park, Sydney; Buckingham Palace, London; Topkapi Palace, Istanbul, Turkey
Parque Nacional do Jau, Brazil , Brandenburg Gate, Germany
Kasai Rinkai Park ; north of Busbys Pond; Centennial Park, Sydney (between Carrington Drive and Hamilton Drive)
slightly up and to the left of West Emerson St., Seattle Washington; Arisugawa Park, Minato, Tokyo ; Victoria Park, Sydney; Charles Darwin National Park, NT, Australia
Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania; Toyomi Sports Park, Tokyo, Japan; east of Chisun Grand Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan; Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Chengdu, China
East of Nagashio Hospital, Tokyo, Japan; Nishigamo Funeyama, Kyoto, Japan, Mount Ruapehu
Between N. Buchanan St. and Lake Michigan, Gary, IN; Tokyo, Japan; Mount Apo, Philippines; Daimonjiyama, north of Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto, Japan
South Basin, San Francisco; Donghu Lake, Wuhan, China; Lake Alta, Wye Creek, Otago, NZ
crescent island off east coast of Isla Isabela, Galapagos; North Basin, San Francisco
San Francisco, Sutro Baths; north of Ichikawashiohama Station, Chiba, Japan; southwest of Conakry, Guinea
south of Queens Park, Sydney; Baltra Airport, Baltra Island; Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco; Darwin International Airport, Australia; Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, France; Wright Brothers National Memorial, Kitty Hawk; Machu Picchu, Peru; Potala Palace, Tibet
Googleplex; University of Stuttgart, Germany; Renfrew Center of Texas; Battersea Power Station, London; Busan, South Korea; Pago Pago International Airport, American Samoa
University of Illinois , Urbana-Champaign; Friends of the Botanic Gardens, Sydney
Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, United Kingdom ; Googleplex, Kanazawa, Japan; Museum of Science, Boston; Pago Pago International Airport, American Samoa
Charleston Slough, Mountain View, CA ( in the water north of Google HQ (Zoom in)); Pacific Ocean (zoom 500m); Tama River, Nishigawara Park, Tokyo; east of Pape'ete, Tahiti; Nagle Pl of Carl Anderson Park, Seattle, WA; Tauranga, NZ
Statue of Liberty; Tower Bridge London; Union Road Sydney; Sapporo (north-west of the Pokemon Center); Krakow, Poland; Villa Lobos Park, Sao Paulo
Sydney Opera House; San Francisco Airport; University of São Paulo; Hong Kong International Airport; Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Japan; Demachiyanagi Station, Kyoto, Japan; Nazca Lines, Peru; Felix Houphouet-Boigny Airport, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire; Angel Falls, Venezuela; Dushanbe Airport, Tajikistan; Kingston, Jamaica
Embaracadero & Green in San Francisco, Shanghai Street near Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong; Paris, France; Kanmakiyamatecho, Japan (on the Saigoku Highway); National Museum, Monrovia, Liberia
Eitaiji, Tokyo; south of Kudanzaka Hospital, Tokyo; Fukagawa Park, Tokyo; St. Sava, Belgrade, Serbia; Mutianyu, Beijing, China; Qinglong Temple, Xi'an, China; Charles Darwin Research Station; Ramesseum, Valley of the Kings, Egypt; Dragon's Back, Shek O, Hong Kong; Ataturk Forest Farm and Zoo, Ankara, Turkey; Vilnius, Lithuania; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Bujumbura, Burundi
Empire State Building, NY; Prince of Wales Private Hospital, Sydney; Dubrovnik, Croatia; south of The Royal Palace, Stockholm, Sweden
Stock Exchange, New York, NY; north of the Taj Mahal, Mehtab Bagh ; West of Harajuku Station, Tokyo, Sakuragaokacho-Japan; Cecilia Ave & Santiago St, San Francisco, California USA; La Paz, Bolivia
CERN, Switzerland; Barrios El Eden; State Library of New South Wales, Sydney; Pampas Coloradas, Puerto Ayora, Galapagos; Tokyo, Japan ; California St, Mountain View (by San Antonio Caltrain station); Trou aux Cerfs Volcano, Mauritius
Setagaya Park, Tokyo , Arthur Byrne Reserve, Sydney
Mount Everest ; Great Slave Lake, NT, Canada; Sochi, Russia; Turku, Finland; South Georgia Island
Whistler Mountain, British Columbia, Canada; Sarajevo Olympic Bobsleigh Track, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Kinsmen Park, Saskatoon, SK, Canada; Cape Soya, Hokkaido, Japan; east of Soyamisaki, Hokkaido, Japan; Sakhalin Zoobotanical Park, Yuzhno-Sakhalisnk, Russia; Dunedin, New Zealand; Chemnitz, Germany
Nintendo World, Rockefeller Center, NYC; Cable Car Museum, MIT; San Francisco; Cambridge, Mass.; Imperial College, London
Rockefeller Garden, Jerusalem; Kiyosumi Garden-Japan
Royal Observatory Greenwich, Kameido Central Park-Japan
Central Park, NYC; Hibiyakoen, Tokyo
Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica; Bordeaux, France; Popocatepetl, Mexico; Ariake Tennis Nomori, Tokyo
Meteor Crater, AZ, USA; Hachimanyamakamanoukuchi Ryokuchi Park, Tokyo; Glasgow, United Kingdom; Stromboli, Messina, Italy
The Berlin Wall, Germany, Odessa Meteor Crater, TX, USA
Egret Pond, northwest of Googleplex; Merlion, Singapore
Stevens Creek Shoreline Nature Study Area, Mountain View, CA (in the bay (?) northeast of Google HQ), South West of Goat Island, Niagara Falls, NY
Rhone River, South of CERN ; Circular Quay, Sydney; West Edmonton Mall
Stockholm Central Station, Sweden; Area 51, NV; E 53rd St & 2nd Ave, NYC; Vauxhall Bridge, London, UK
Dakhla; Barrios El Eden; Terminal Terrestre de Puerto Ayora, Ecuador; Anchorage, Alaska; Moffett Federal Airfield (east of Googleplex), Mountain View, CA; Ouagadougou Airport, Burkina Faso; Kabul International Airport, Afghanistan
Ministry of Defence, Whitehall, London UK; in a mall near the Switzerland-France border; Burj Khalifa ; Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Perth, Australia; San Carlos Caltrain Station, CA; The Dubai Mall; Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake in Utah; Fukudenji, Kyoto, Japan
Alcatraz Island; City God Temple, Shanghai, China; San Francisco; Santa Cruz Hwy (Go to the coordinate), Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos; Winchester Mystery House
Bran Castle, Romania ; Motomachi Park, Yokohama, Tikal; Yerevan, Armenia
Santa Fe Island, Galapagos; Mayan Archaelogical Site, Quintana Roo, Mexico; Antalya, Turkey; Rosario, Argentina
Hosokawa Mansion, Kumamoto, Japan; Saint-Gervais Church, Paris, France; Nuremburg, Germany; Bolivar Square, Bogotá, Colombia
Grand Hyatt, Tokyo, Japan ; Castle of S.Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal , Macritchie Reservoir (South of Rifle Range Rd), Singapore; Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, San Jose, CA
CERN; TESLA Motors, Palo Alto, CA; Itaipu Dam, Foz do Igaucu, Brazil; Jurong West Public Library, Singapore; South Carolina State Museum, Columbia; Elephant and Castle, London
Googleplex ; Al Zawra Park (Baghdad)
Asukayama Park, Tokyo; Royal National Park, Sydney
Area 51; Tower of London; Teotihuacan, Mexico; Taiyangdao Street, Harbin, China
Taronga Zoo, Mosman, Sydney; Union Square, San Francisco; Yangon, Myanmar; Himeji Castle, Hyogo, Japan; Gazi Baba Park, Skopje, Macedonia; Gasparilla Island State Park, Boca Grande, Florida; Chambord, France; Porto Alegre, Brazil; Asmara, Eritrea; Abou Jarash Gardens, Damascus, Syria
Helsingin Ortodoksinen Hautausmaa, Lapinlahti, Helsinki; Point Barrow, Alaska; Lake Louise, AB; Heard Island and McDonald Islands; Mont Blanc, Chamonix-Mont Blanc, France; Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (Northeast)
Tortuga Bay, Galapagos; Nose Hill Park, Calgary, Canada; Reusch Ash Pit, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania ; Sofia, Bulgaria; Narodowy Stadium, Warsaw, Poland; Koyaike Park, Hyogo, Japan; Sapporo Excel Hotel Tokyu, Hokkaido, Japan; Cape of Good Hope, South Africa; Angkor Wat, Cambodia; Beirut Horse Track, Lebanon; Ghent, Belgium; Yumenoshima Park, Tokyo; Meiji Jingu Gaien Stadium, Tokyo; Japantown Center, San Francisco; Lusaka, Zambia; Kanchenjunga, Sikkim, India; Mount Roraima, Guyana (south at intersection of Brazil, Venuzuela, & Guyana)
Louvre Museum, Paris, France; Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, NYC; Roswell, NM; Port Arthur, Tasmania
Kuritsu Kashinomiya Park, Hamadayama, Tokyo; Millennium Parklands, Olympic Park, Sydney ; Santiago Galapagos Island
Hanegi Park, Setagaya, Tokyo ; Boronia Park, Australia; Santa Fe Island; Battersea Park, London
Kokuei Showa Kinen Park, Tachikawa, Tokyo; Macquarie Park Cemetary & Crematorium, Sydney; London Zoo; Le Pouce, Pamplemousses, Maritius
Ushuaia, Argentina; Piton de la Fournaise, Saint-Pierre, Reunion
Honolulu, Hawaii (Diamond Head); Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park; Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland; Mt Sakurajima, Japan
Saitama City Office, Japan; Kawasaki Daishi, Tokyo; north-east of Mauna Kea, Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii [Pacific Beach Hotel] , Charles Darwin Research Station; Pier 39, San Francisco, Puerto Ayora; Harumifuto Park
Gothenburg Art Museum ; Water off Isla Baltra, Galapagos; Lake Bellagio, Las Vegas; Zurich, Switzerland
Mort Bay, Sydney, Australia; Isla Santa Cruz, Galápagos; La Alhambra, Granada, Spain; The Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX, USA
Sacré-Coeur, Paris; Edinburgh Castle; Palmerston North NZ; Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan;University Of New South Wales; Karlsruhe Palace
Volcán Wolf, Isla Isabela, Galapagos; Daimon Station, Japan
Minato park, Chiba, Japan ; Großer Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany
Pokemon Center, Osaka, Japan; Bayshore Freeway, Googleplex Ponte 25 de Abril, Lisbon, Portugal The Arch of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Bran Castle, Romania; Oklahoma City, OK (near SE 89th st.)
Meowstic (Male)
east of St. John's Gardens, London; Googleplex; Riga, Latvia; Nagaa El-shaikh, Egypt
Meowstic (Female)
Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA; Apple Headquarters, Cupertino; Area 51, NV; Yotsuya Hall, Shinjuku, Tokyo; Nagaa El-shaikh, Egypt; Serra Mall (zoom 100m), Stanford University, CA
Parkview, Kansas City, MO; Tenpozan Park, Osaka, Japan; Montevideo, Uruguay; Schwab Rd, Bay City, MI
Ghibli Museum, Mitaka, Tokyo; Disneyland Dr, Anaheim CA; Heritage Park, Palo Alto, CA; Vienna, Austria; Manila Film Center, Philippines; Bowness-on-Windermere, UK; Ibiza, Spain; Santiago de Compostela, Spain
north of Harajuku Station, Yoyogi Park, Tokyo; Dublin, Ireland; Isla Tortuga, Galapagos; Cologne Cathedral, Germany; Petra Treasury, Jordan; Avignon, France; Mohatta Palace, Karachi, Pakistan
Bilbao, Spain; Redwood City CA; Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; Lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt; Ibiza, Spain;
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France; Wardenclyffe Tower, East Shoreham, NY; Sapporo TV Tower, Japan; Apple Headquarters, Cupertino; Facebook Research Center, Willow Road, Menlo Park, California, United States, Tesla Street
Mont Saint-Michel, France ; Venice, Italy ; Central Park, NYC; Yoyogi Park; Shibuya, Tokyo; Trinity College, Cambridge; Jardim do Infante D. Henrique, Porto, Portugal
Harvard University; Nintendo Headquarters, Kyoto; Space Needle, Seattle; Shinjuku Station, Tokyo; Fernsehturm, Berlin; Taichung, Taiwan; Parliament West, Ottawa;
La Moneda, Santiago, Chile; Galapagos Island; Osakajo, Japan; southeast of Suginama Hinode Kindergarten, Suginami; Hanoi, Vietnam; Palais du Peuple, Algiers, Algeria; Tripoli, Libya; Iran National Library, Tehran, Iran; Dinosaur National Monument, Dinosaur, CO, USA
St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow; Pyramids of Giza; Boston, MA; Stanford Dish, Stanford, CA; Cockatoo Island, Sydney (west of Harbour Bridge)
Naha Airport; Portland, Oregon; CERN (Switzerland); Angermeyer Point, Puerto Ayora, Ecuador; NASA Johnson Space Center; Kyiv, Ukraine, Oslo; Howland Island, Cuba Mall, Wellington NZ, Christchurch Willowbank Reserve NZ; Geneve Aeroport, Geneva, Switzerland

Looking for Mew (151st Pokemon)

Mew is the 151st Pokémon to be searched for in the challenge. Mew does not appear until all 150 other pocket monsters are caught.

The difficulty of pinpointing mew arises when you're the impatient type, as the app assigns a specific location per player from a set number of possible locations, as listed by players who have tracked their respective mews.
  • Amazon River (Near the pin)
  • -2.98,-58.49 (Near Amazon River)
  • -11.42, -59.92 (West Brazil)
  • Nintendo Kyoto" (Near Nintendo HQ)
  • -0.2257, -65.8120 (NW Brazil)
  • 25, -71 (Bermuda Triangle)
  • -15.241343,-58.125310 (Brazilian town - Casa de Jao)
  • -1.41,-61.57 (Lagoa do Tanauau, Brazil)
  • -1.42,-59.92 (Represa de Balbina, Brazil)
  • 0.23899, -50.411 (NE Brazil)
  • -4.6703, -69.3479
  • -3.030, -64.821
  • -3.074570,-50.44924
  • -8.059229, -62.116699 (near Humaitá, Amazonas, Brazil)
  • -7.450073, -66.445283
  • -5.726010, -53.084793
  • -3.05, -50.44
  • -2.965, -68.027
  • -4.670340, -64.347964
  • -7.710533, -56.731247
  • -8.276599,-53.217622
  • 0.856887,-51.372063 
  • -2.724350,-62.841825
  • -4.412142,-61.237758