medical carpentry

the thing about orthopedics is that it deals with disease and disability in the most mechanical manner. there's nothing wrong about it, really, except that only a few gifted ones are capable of reciting anatomy like the back of their hand. so it becomes a specialty that you'd love dearly or regard with indifference.

in my case, i always remember jesus when we use carpentry tools at the OR. jesus was nailed multiple times to the cross, skin oozed with blood, and all His energy drained. in comparison, an ortho patient with a fracture undergoes multiple pinning, which is done by trial & error to see if gets reduced properly, while he loses a liter or more of blood. he has become indifferent to pain, just like how Jesus responded, thanks to modern-day anesthesia.

i will probably not enter orthopedics as a preferred specialty because the time & dedication required from every orthopedic surgeon is crazy - i'd rather give the slot to those willing to take the job wholeheartedly. but i'm glad that there are people who would still serve and pay for the poor patients in pgh who can't even buy OR needs, or pay the OR fee moreso, because apparently, the end referral for fracture cases is either pgh or poc. but the dole out system in pgh by its doctors to its poor patients - a majority of its clientele - deserves a whole new post, as it is an inherent anomaly that will not disappear overnight, akin to a tradition that the oldtimers would want the new generation to experience.

but for tonight, i'll resort to brushing up on my carpentry knowledge to be able to help other people fix themselves.