road to boards

it's almost the hundredth day before the physician licensure exam (also lovingly known as the boards for us concerned), and emotions are running high. the increase in enrolment rates in review schools is partly fueled by the lack of intellectual stimulus during the greater part of the last three years, when the young ones are primarily doing patient-facing work, and largely thanks to shared anxieties of personal inadequacy, ignorance or utter helplessness.

i've taken some simulation tests in recent days, but not related to the medical boards at all, and the results do not bode well for my aim. for starters, my simulated gmat score, while perfectly admissible to wharton, darden or kellogg, is personally disappointing and demonstrates lack of preparedness (which is true! i have intermittent hospital duties as my valid alibi). more importantly, why the heck am i dabbling with gmat when i should focus on board-related topics. quantitative and verbal tests are definitely NOT on the physician licensure exam.

thus, in memoriam of days squandered to laziness and renderred to waste, i write this fitting eulogy, with emphasis on my increasing levels of anxiety. unlike before when i shunned the generous offers of topnotch, cracking d' boards, and ust review, i am now seriously feeling an ounce of regret (although the 20,000 pesos that my parents saved is a consoling factor, to my ego at least).

here's to wandering souls like me, left basically alone to tackle this tall order, and i hope the up-pgh review tests can supplement whatever i can muster from reading review books.

100 days. here we go.