dream, fate, choice

it is humbling to look back once in a while, wanting to find meaning for the journey ahead, & seeing how far you've come.

it is always a grateful thing to have a choice - not many people have it. no, seriously, having a choice is probably a good barometer of how lucky you are. you are better off than 50% (safe estimate) of the world's seven billion inhabitants.

now armed with a choice, you have to fight for what you want to happen versus what is expected by others. it is difficult, no doubt, especially if you wish to please everyone - you can't. it's like being a slave to everyone's wishes.

everyone's read through this script before, and it's sad if the story ends in bitterness & indifference - the character lacks passion; the plot loses its heart. true, the world has survived centuries of compromises, but have we as its citizens made the correct ones? there are a few times that we have to cease the struggle and let go. then, there are times when one must take a stand for the sake of one's dignity.

the way i see it, there is a choice between the low lying fruit & the stars. one can choose to dream bigger than one's self - or there's always an easy route. ironically, robert frost never gave conclusive evidence for the best path - well thanks for the help mate. in the end, the choice is up to us.

lao tzu once said, nature does not hurry, but everything is accomplished. well at least this ancient chinese guy sounds both poetic AND comforting.

maybe that's all we need: to take a step back, & know that we are where we are now because of two universal things: fate, and choice.

best (and likely the safest) advice to give? padayon (go forward)