Vincent Schubert Malbas

Wow, you found me here, and I feel really special with that. You know, it's not everyday that someone as talented, sexy, and smart as you would nose around my lowly web log, but here you are! Awesome.

Alright, think I'm done with the sweet talking.

My name is Schubert, and I was born in the emerald green island of Mindanao. I first learned my multiplication tables from a private, sectarian school ran by nuns. Then, I had the opportunity to attend a prestigious science high school, where I met an enthusiastic biology teacher trained in molecular biology. Inspired by his unassuming wit and piercing humor, I then decided to take up this new, exciting field and moved to Metro Manila to take up classes at the national state university.

After my bachelor's degree in molecular biology & biotechnology, I took a divergent career path in equity portfolio management at a local firm. Day trading was the most exhilirating activity I did on a chair, and my favorite stocks were Walmart (WMT), Chesapeake Energy (CHK), and AT&T (T); prolly the best job on earth.

Unluckily, not all things are meant to last. I must say it was fun while it lasted. I accepted another job as a patents writer in a publishing company mainly because the work hours are more humane. Our specialist team supplied analytic briefs of  biotechnology & pharmaceuticals-related patents to a very large offshore information conglomerate, while our team shared conversations, dinners, and karaoke in between work loads.

I encountered a major fork in the road when the opportunity of medical school knocked at my doorstep. For me, it was the opportunity to serve my hometown as a legit medical specialist. After all, I'd become the first medical doctor of my family perhaps up to the second degree of consanguinity.

After attending several months in medical school, I took the student's equivalent of a sabbatical, and eagerly accepted a position at a national coordinating agency for health-related researches. The work was demanding, but equally rewarding. I got to know respected medical doctors and multi-awarded health research scientists, and visited top-notch medical centers and research institutes, and was convinced that the country has the human capacity to get noticed by the global scientific community, if only research infrastructure and funding were widely available. Recognizing that many places outside Metro Manila need medical doctors, and that a health care provider saves more lives, I have returned to actual clinical practice since.

They say that those who chose a circuitous route in their life journey make for the most interesting personalities in their respective careers. Though I may have veered from the conventional path of academic learning to do finance, publishing, & research, I will always be grateful to the world, to life, to Him, and to luck, that I still have the chance to become a practising physician. Comforting patients is unlike anything else; it is immediately gratifying, intellectually rewarding, and emotionally fascinating.